Happy Mail- Card Swaps

Hello and welcome to my blog this week I have been so lucky to receive 4 beautiful cards from far and wide. I do love receiving handmade cards through the post.

The first card to arrive was this beautiful card all the way from Australia from a card swap group that I am in Thank You so much Jenny Osmond. I just love the design of this card and am hoping to make a card using Jenny’s design in the not too distant future. It is so pretty xx

This beautiful card came all the way from Canada from a lovely lady called Vicki Brooks- Thank You Vicki the photo does not do your card justice it’s so beautiful with the delicate sparkle.

A big thank you to a fellow Scrimpy who also lives in Yorkshire Thank You Victoria for your beautiful birthday card I can see you have used the Painted Glass stamp set, I’ve not seen this one before it must have taken ages doing all of the beautiful colouring x

And finally this beautiful card of encouragement from my lovely friend Tricia. I love the colours that you have used.

It truly is lovely to receive Happy Mail and even more so what the cards are handmade x Thank You ladies your card are much appreciated x

If you would like to become part of a card swap group please join my group on Facebook Cherry Crafting Club – we are a new group as soon as we have enough members who are interested we are going to start swapping to please come on over and say hello.

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