Homemade Advent Calendar

Each year I love to make my son an Advent Calendar, it is very simple and he absolutely loves it xx


The things you will need:

  • coloured card for the numbers
  • number dies
  • small square die
  • die cutting machine
  • glue
  • 24 small paper bags
  • Sweets or treats to go into the bag
  • coloured staples or stickers to secure the treats in the bag
  • string
  • 24 mini pegs

First cut out all of your numbers from 1 to 24, then cut out 24 small square. Glue the numbers onto the squares.

Glue/attach the numbers to the paper bags. Once the glue has dried add your sweets or treats to the bag. Seal the bag with a staple or a sticker.

Attach the bags to the string ensuring that they are equal distance apart making sure that they are in date order and attach to the wall.

1 2 3

Thank you for reading x

Happy crafting xx

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