Chameleon pen set


Hello everyone, I would like to share my new alcohol ink set with you The Chameleon Color Tones. I wan’t sure which ink pens to buy with with my Birthday money so I did a bit of research and decided to invest in this beautiful colour blending set as it has great reviews.

Chameleon color tones.jpg

This set includes 50 colours, which all come with their own blending chamber, they each have 2 nibs (they are double ended) one is end is fine for the finer, smaller areas and the other end is more like a brush allowing you to cover larger areas.

Chameleon colour wheel

This set includes a blending pen, so if you make a mistake and go over the line you can push the colour back to rectify this.

It includes  a black detail pen which is double ended one end has a 6 mm nib and the other has a 4 mm nib for finer detail.

The 52 pen set comes in a lovely carry case which is great for when you are on the move, but also great for storage. I have also just found that this set comes with replacement nibs and tweezers.

Chameleon case


One pen blends multiple tones – going from very light to a rich tone, which can create stunning 3D effects, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, graduations and blending all in one pen.

You can purchase these pens from various craft stores or online from Amazon by clicking on the links:

Chameleon 52 Pen set

There are other products that I may add later to my collection such as replacement inks and Color Tops which enable you to blend contrasting colours together.

Color Tops

Color Cards


Color topsColor Cards


Thank you for reading my blog – Happy Crafting xx

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